Monday, November 29, 2010

When you feel the most abandoned, you are the least alone.

A wonderful coincidence in the form of advice:
These words were forwarded to me today by means of one of my greatest friends of life, Paulette Cameron, who just happened to receive these words  from her oh so wise mother:

"You know there is a spirit that wants us to be less than we are. Discouragement, doubt, a feeling of injustice, intimidation, any down feeling is not from God but away from God. When you come to that realization you can see how the feeling of betrayal, being cheated etc. are definitely not a good spirit. Give it to God and overcome those feelings which can be a challenge. Pray , go to confession and share it there, and give yourself to Christ in the Eucharist so that you will not dwell on it, lose any sleep over it and do not let it control any part of you. Injustices can make someone bitter or they can strengthen you depending who you turn to; yourself to mope, or to God to be free of it."

I can't help but feel like she was inspired to write this, just so I would read it, take heart, and remember that even when things are bad, you are never alone.

I may be without a single human comfort,
But not without a divine.


Holes for hearts

I slept for three hours
Weeping over the sleepless nights
Of someone else.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

This is my problem with drugs:

If one has not suffered, one would not be happy.One only truly comes to appreciate their life if it has been marked by hard work and sacrifices. You discover how fleeting it is and how precious it is. Then you are not willing to throw away what you have worked so hard for, for nothing.

This is my biggest problem with drugs. This is why it is such a sin. Because people, who are can be sad in their comfortable, conforming lives, are willing to throw everything away... But I know what life is worth. And I can't stand to see it being wasted so.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tears of ice

I found my small pocket of sunshine
And in it, I slept.
The ice melted off the winter
window panes and wept
Onto my face, much as
My own tears dissolved
As you melted into me.
Yet now my tears are ice.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Husha husha we all fall down

School is driving me mad. Thus, I decided to start a blog to release some of the creative energy I am not allowed to use while writing essays and examinations. Who would have thought the study of literature didn't allow room for creativity? As per usual, I have retreated to my escape: memories of Italy. My room is full of them, from my Nona to my masks.
One should always be surrounded with the things they love.

There aren't many things
To be solved by red.
I cry a lot lately
And take a glass before bed.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Peaches on the cupboard
Peaches on the shelf,
Robert getting tired
Sleeping by himself.