Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gone are the days bonfires made me think of you

maybe these days are over, over now
and i loved you better than anyone else you know
and i believe in growing old with grace
i believe she only loved my face
i believe i acted like a child
making faces at acquired tastes
and now silver moons belong to you

and silver moons belong to you
i'm off to the ballet and to practice all these ancient ways
tell the new kids where i hid the wine, tell their fathers that i'm on my way, and say:

maybe these days are over, over now

gone are the days bonfires make me think of you
looks like the prophecy came true
you are a fallen tree, he is a fallen tree
how old are you, no, how old are you?

under all the folds of your dresses that you wear
there's an ocean and a tide and a riot in the square
over are the days that the congas made your hair
sway around to the cadence of your hey ho hey ho cheer

under all the folds of the dresses that you wear
sway around to the cadence of your voice when you sang there 

Monday, January 10, 2011

10 Things that make me feel good, in order of importance:

1. Cake. I am eating a slice right now.
2. Rihanna.
3. Friends, and laughs with friends.
4. Hating the Canadian education system, and laughing at the education program at the U of R.
5. Cigarettes. Vogue, menthol.
6. Green tea instead of coffee. It feels healthy somehow.
7. AFV
8.  New Lingerie.
9. Feeling warm, especially in hot baths or lots of clothing.
10. The occasional work out.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back to skewl

Ways to make this semester better than the last:

1. More wine with friends.

2. Eat cheese stringz

3. Wear bows in my hair

4. Read light hearted books

5. Put coffee in my baileys...

6. Be environmentally friendly

7. Don't think like this:

Ciao bitch.

I brought the new year in dumping an entire tray of champagne on my new dress. The perfect ending to 2010,  a year that started in bliss and ended in failure and heart break. Thus, it only seemed appropriate that contrary to the popular New Years resolutions of restraint and temperance, I have resolved to practice neither (to a degree). A girl's gotta live!

Xoxo 2010.
2011, let's find some mischief.