Monday, November 21, 2011

I wish I could bury myself

I wish I could bury myself beneath a church pew
Breathing in Frankincense until I die

Oh Panis Angelicus
How hard the people try

But how much longer can it be?
Until fire?
Until you and me?
Until we call out "It's been so long and still I cannot see"?
And then would you see?

If the darkness is growing 

And teary eyes are seeds,
Along the way my heart stopped knowing
That things are fine, perfect, the way they used to be

And then what I see:
All is fire
There is only you and me.

And maybe I'll call out
From beneath the pew
Buried in thoughts of me and you,
Of him and me,
Of all that used to be,

And then maybe I'd see?

I'd see through the Frankincense smoke
And the cigarette smoke
And the smoke from your pipe,
Ripe with dreams,
And I'd remember that we are all just dreams
If nothing is ever the way it seems.

There is only smoke.
Smoke from fire.
And I will not see until I die.

-Julia Ready, November 21, 2011

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