Tuesday, January 3, 2012

If I leave

I am generally not one who believes in horoscopes. This is particularly because they are usually off telling me on such a day I will find love or excel in a recently undertaken task that the cosmos never seem to bring to fruition. When I stand back and wait for the stars to sort things out for me, my life stays stagnant. It is only when I take initiative over my fate do I accomplish anything it seems. However, my horoscope prediction for 2012 took me aback by its uncanniness, predicting the completion of a 12 year (or more) long cycle in June. In June, I will be finished my BA in English Literature. The fall predicts a new start for me in new surroundings, hopefully alluding to an acceptance into a masters program in a less shitty town than I currently am in. Furthermore, my horoscope urges me this year to let go of negativity (which I have had plenty of opportunities for, thank you 2011) and start my year off on the right foot with lots of sleep and living a healthy lifestyle. Coincidently, that was my New Years Resolution... So I suppose there is some truth to the cosmos after all! I look forward to this year eagerly, not with a stagnant resignation to my fate, but with a healthy ambition to see the fulfillment of all my dreams in 2012 and beyond.

First 4 photos: Laurence Von Thomas, If you Leave.

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