Saturday, January 7, 2012

We are fairies

Some people luck out on life. Whenever I spend time with my best friend, I believe I am one of those people. From the moment our unspoiled hearts first traded junk in our early childhood years, following the principles of reciprocity, a bond was created between us. However, how deeply this bond would form neither of us could have anticipated. From long talks about witchcraft and sorcery, tea times with Tomathin, and many nights spent in harmonic melodies, we became the best of friends. Traveling to another country together, spending our teenage years as sisters rooted in the deepest of motivations, I don't believe anyone will ever know me quite as well as my best friend. In fact, I do not even know myself quite as well as she knows me. Returned home, our hearts and souls are still connected in an unusual way, being wrenched at the same time, or blossoming with joy unexpectedly for us both. Suffering unexpectedly from a mutual melancholy, I cannot count the amount of times our tears have mingled or our laughs have resounded simultaneously together. If I have one wish, it is that we will never be separated. Yet, I know that if that day should ever come, distance or time could never kill our friendship.
Thank you Madlin' Marie Perpetua, for being the best friend anyone has ever had.


  1. oh WOWWW. That's it. I'm making an album of our friendship on Facebook. I have like a million photos of us when we were younger that need to be seen. You did such a great job of summarizing things here -- remember that list I made at the PC when I was in gr 10 (ish)? NOW THAT WOULD ONLY BE HALF A LIST OF OUR MEMORIES and it is SO LONG. I wanted to wait until I was done studying to read this but I'm not that patient and now I'm distracted. Love you more than ever, if that's possible.

  2. Ohhh my goodness! I NEED to see that list again!!! Wow, we definitely need to go through it and continue adding our memories! As well as writing out those compliments we were texting each other the other night from sheds and beds! Hahah I love you so much! See you tomorrow bright and early with our singing voices on!!