Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Reflection on "The Dead"

Oh Gretta, I know how you feel. It was one of those sunny Italian days. That boy I had been trying to shake off messaged me again. It was one of the worst attempts at poetry I had read in a while. He even got the color of my eyes wrong. One by one we are all becoming shades.
"Ok, wake up Blue Eyes", was my answer across an ocean.

I hopped onto the bus and started day-dreaming about what the festivities of the night would bring. Maybe the prince will be there... Why is that man staring at me from the other side of the bus? Oh no.

"Hello. What is your name?"
"Ciao, mi chiama Julia."
"Ahhh Giulia, I am Romeo."
I laughed my fakest laugh and descended at my stop. Waiting by my apartment door was a man holding a bouquet of flowers.
"Sei Giulia?"
Oh shit. They are from Blue Eyes. Rushing up to my apartment, I grabbed a vase to temporarily toss the flowers into while I floundered around to get ready. In my hurry, beneath my unsteady hands, I dropped the vase. It shattered all over the floor, scattering around like pieces of a puzzle I could never assemble. I did not have time to sweep them up. I threw the flowers on the table. When I got home they were withered.

One year later was our anniversary. I sat across him as we stared into each other's teary eyes. I wonder if even then he did not know their shade. I was convinced he would have stood in a garden outside my window, shivering for me, dying for me.

"What sort of self-awareness does Gabriel acheive after his epiphany?.... Julia, any ideas?"
"Hmm? Oh sorry, I was thinking about sleeping."
"Well then wake up!"

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